University and Arts Education

Kira Carrillo Corser
Instructor, Photographer, Fine and New Media Artist


New and Past Projects

Special Interest: University Curriculum, Museums, President Clinton, Washington DC, CSUMB Set Design, and Other Materials.

First Night Monterey Artworks! sponsored Artistic Director Kira Carrillo Corser in Marina workshops helping students paint 20 silk paintings, each 7-feet long. They exhibited at the Monterey Conference Center on New Year’s Eve as part of the “ART is the NEXT PEACE: CONNECTING COMMUNITIES Project,” promoting nonviolent resolutions to gangs, bullying, and domestic violence. This project also made possible by a grant from the Arts Council for Monterey County. Find out more on FACEBOOK!


University Connections and Teaching Summary
Full Curriculum Vitae
PAS Catalog — As Director of Arts and Education at the Arts Council for Monterey County, Kira produced a Professional Artists in the Schools Catalog, contracted with schools, teachers, community
nonprofits and artists.

Recent Projects

Art Direction and Videography “From Where I Sit” Video Series – California State University Chancelor’s office for statewide distribution, Professional Development for Accessible Technology.

Kira designed the Human Cultural Kaledidoscope Installation for First Night Monterey 2010, with video, Kaledidoscope software, Mac and Projection on walls, including mosaic mirrored walls, lights, community painted cultural icons, composed soundscape.

Kira wrote the original script, editing by Federico Moramarco. She directed and made large puppets, Mami Wata, the SeaSnake, Pollution Monster (with help from kids and adult volunteers.) She worked with artists Nina Parris (lifesize foam puppets) actors, writers and painters: Kylie Batlin, Veronica Christie, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Marcela Diaz, Deanne Salleh, Ellen Martin (Director of FNM) Angelina, Daniela and David Cervantes, and the Greenfield Community Art Class.
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