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A. “A Matriot’s Dream: Health Care For All” – To view pictures click here »»

Seventeen-piece exhibition containing 48 photographs. A collaborative photography/poetry project with poet Frances Payne Adler, about the current crisis in access to health care. The electronic version of exhibition is housed on the Creative Writing and Social Action Program’s website at California State University Monterey Bay.

– Universal Health Care Action Network, Cleveland, Ohio, on permanent loan, 2000

– Washington D.C. National Conferences, U.S. Senate, Congress showings, 1997 – 1998

– California State University Monterey Bay, 1997

– The Center for The Arts, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, 1995

– State Conference of California Hospitals, San Diego 1994

– Marjorie Evans Gallery, Monterey Community Coalition sponsored, 1994

– The California State Capitol & Sacramento State University Library, Sept. 1993

– Washington, D.C. National Conference “Health Care Reform: the Next 100 days” 1993

– San Francisco, Health Access Foundation showing, Oct. l992 – March l993

Funded by a grant from the Irvine Foundation and sponsored by California Health Decisions, with additional funding from the San Diego County Foundation, the Health Access Foundation and the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation.


B. “Who Says I Can’t? The Spirit of Special Olympics

Fifteen piece exhibition containing 52 photographs. The exhibition includes black & white and color prints framed with stories about people who are developmentally handicapped. Exhibition sites:

– Chevron Art Gallery, San Francisco, Feb-May l992

– The Hall of Champions Sports Museum, San Diego, May l990

– Regional Special Olympic Games, San Diego State University, June l990

– State Special Olympic Games, University California Los Angeles, June, l990

– On permanent loan, Special Olympics, San Diego 1994 -present

– Part of exhibit on view at Institute of Service Learning, CSUMB, 1998-present

Funded in part by the City of San Diego Arts Commission and the Copley Foundation.


C. “Struggle To Be Borne” – To view pictures click here »»

A twenty-four-piece exhibition and book published by San Diego State University Press, with poet Fran Adler depicting the crisis of pregnant poor women shut out from prenatal care. National tour:

– On permanent loan, Natividad Women’s Health Clinic, Salinas, CA. 1995 – present

– University of California Santa Cruz, Jan. l992

– Alvarado Gallery, Monterey Conference Center, Sept. l991

– State Capitol Building, St. Paul, MN, Jan l991

– Jan Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, CA., May l990

– Clark Humanities Museum, Scripps College – Claremont, CA., Aug.-Sept l989

– Social Movement Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee, May-June l989

– House of Representatives, Washington D.C., June l988

– State Capitol Building, Columbus, Ohio, Oct l988

– Times Mirror Building, Los Angeles, CA., “National Congressional Commission On Infant Mortality,” March l988

– Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA., ” Senate Award for Artistic Excellence,” Jan l988

Funded in part by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Combined Arts and Education Council of San Diego, with additional support from the Copley Foundation and the March of Dimes.


D. “When the Bough Breaks: Pregnancy and The Legacy of Addiction” – To view pictures click here »»

A twenty-three-piece exhibition containing 60 photographs. Kira Corser, writer/photographer and Frances Payne Adler, writer/poet. An exhibit about the inter-generational cycle of addiction and child abuse, documenting drug and alcohol use during pregnancy. Book published by NewSage Press, Portland, OR, l993 publishes the book. National tour includes

– Monterey County Crisis House, on permanent loan, 2001

– Rhode Island, State Capitol Building, May 1995

– Bismarck, North Dakota, Feb. – March 1995

– State Capitol Building, Washington, 1994

– State Capitol Building, Boise, Idaho 1994

– Ohio, Martin Luther King Building, 1994

– State Capitol Building and Universities, Oklahoma, 1993

– State Capitol Building, White Plains, New York, 1993

– State Capitol Building, Pennsylvania, 1993

– Madison, Wisconsin, Rotunda of Capitol Building, Feb. – March l993

– Mayors Hall, Washington D.C. 1993

– Maryland, County Buildings and Churches – 1993 & 1994

– Washington DC, Office Of Substance Prevention (0SAP) National Conf., July l992

– Santa Clara County Government Building, San Jose, Aug. l992

– Santa Cruz County Government Building, May l992

– University of San Diego, April l992

– State Conference, Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies – Phoenix, AZ, Feb. l992

– Washington DC, Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies Coalition Natl. Conf. Sept l99l

– Clark Humanities Museum, Scripps College, Claremont, CA, Jan – Feb. L991

– San Diego County Administration Building, San Diego, CA, April l990

– San Diego State University Library, 1990

– Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA., Aug.-Sept l990

Funded in part by an art grant from Las Patronas and an education grant from the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation.


E. “Home Street Home

A twenty-four-piece exhibition and book on homelessness, in collaboration with poet Frances Payne Adler, 1984. Tour has included:

– On permanent loan, National Coalition for the Homeless, Washington D.C. 1995-present

– University of San Diego Gallery, Conference on the Homeless, 1995

– University of San Diego Art Gallery, San Diego, CA., Nov-Dec. 1991

– State Capitol Building, Phoenix, and AZ., Sept. l988

– The Gallery, Memorial Union, Arizona State University, March l988

– Comic Relief Fund-raiser, HBO TV national broadcast, 1986

– Rotunda, U.S. Senate, Washington, D.C. May l986

– State Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA. Feb. l984

– Eleanor Roosevelt Centennial Exhibition, San Diego State University, Oct. l984

– Sushi Art Gallery, San Diego, CA., Sept. l984

Funded in part by grants from California’s Combined Arts and Education Council, David Copley, Catholic Community Services, the National Mental Health Association, “Comic Relief” and the Congressional Committee for Families of the Homeless, Washington D.C.



Theatre of the Imagination,” Santa Catalina School Gallery, interactive creative writing with imagery. Solo show 2002

Beggars and Choosers,” nationally traveling group show on poverty and birth control choices, 2002 – 2003

Memorial to Victims of the Holocaust,” Congregation Beth Israel, Carmel, April 2002

Journeys Real and Imagined,” Unitarian Church, Solo show Nov – Dec 2002

Image Makers,” Group show, Pacific Grove Art Center, November 2002, Belle Gallery, New York City, 2001, Artist Equity Show, Pacific Grove Art Center, July 2001 & June 2002

Visual Voices: Threat of the Dam,” Monterey County Save the Carmel River , Director., Traveling exhibition of photographs, text, children’s art, web site, video, 1999 – present

Guiding With Courage: Personal Heroes,” Monterey County Free Libraries Project. Traveling community exhibit, video and book, 1997 -1999

Ansel Adams Gallery, “Points of Entry: A Nation of Strangers.” Group show -San Francisco, 1996

Center for Creative Photography, “Points of Entry.” Group show, Tucson, AZ. 1995

Museum of Photographic Arts, “Points of Entry.” Group show, San Diego, 1995

Center For The Arts, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, 1995

La Gallerie De La Rue, “Old Myths and New Superstitions.” Solo show, San Diego, 1995

Flyways Project: the Pacific Rim,” Women’s Caucus for Art. Traveling group exhibition, WA, CA, HI, 1992-1994

Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, Juried group exhibitions, 1993 & 1994

Spirit Earth,” Carl Cherry Center for the Arts, Carmel. Solo exhibition, l992

Women and War,” Union Gallery, University of Texas, Austin, national group exhibit, l992

Dreaming the Earth Spirit,” Solo show, Carl Cherry Center for the Arts, Carmel, May l992

Back to the Garden: Organic Farming,” Marin County, Headlands Center for the Arts, March l992

The Subject Is War,” Monterey County Artists. Group show, Pacific Grove Art Center, April l99l

Dreaming Art,” Group exhibition, Cherry Foundation Art Gallery, Carmel, CA., April l99l

New Faces,” Group exhibition, John Thomas Gallery, Fullerton, CA., Jan. l988

Spirit of the Barrio,” Logan Health Clinic, San Diego, CA. Permanent installation, l986

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