Kira’s Unique Photo Art

Kira and Jean

Masks, Metaphor and Mystery by Kira Carrillo Corser
2012 – 2013

This was Kira’s solo show at Mandell Weiss Gallery, a gallery cosponsored by UCSD, Liberty Station and the San Diego Dance Theater. The documentary, titled “The Door Is Open: An Intergenerational Dance Project” Creative Catalyst Fellowship grant from the San Diego Foundation may be VIEWED HERE.

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Special Project Gallery:
SEA CHANGES ACT and World Heritage Site and Cultural interactive IEEE, EBook photos & video

NEW – “Masks, Metaphor and Mystery Series”

Finding Your Way Serenading the Evening Searching for Metaphors Forgotten Moments Day Dreams One Love, Washington DC
Who Is Listening One Winged Angels The Door is Open Trust The Music Beneath the Mask Where is Art - l'arte a Venezia
Peeling Layers to Find Humor Florence Fantasy Will You Still Love Me? Please contact Kira
for size and pricing.

Narative Landscapes
Fluidity CA Golden Hills Leap Swing High Goose At The Gate Follow Your Heart Sierra Highland Flowers

Pleasure of Slowness Woman Writing Mountain Pleasures Butterfly Dancing Taos Angel Sunflower Road Walk
My Heart Leaps Alaska Woman Spirit of the Lake Yellow Walk of Fall Leaves Reading Swing Goose at the Harbor-side San Juan River Couple
Swanson's Pond 3 Geese In The Pond Apple Blossom Garden Tractor Bride Dreaming Spirit Of the Oaks Harvest Celebration
Still Lifes in Color
Fruit Bowl Delicious Winter Daisies Singing Spring Flowers Blue Vase Electric Light
Innocence of Childhood
Short Days Of Childhood Even Her Shadow Dances Madison's Beach Seashore Adventure Catching Sunshine Baby Towel, Nude
Shadow Fairy & Pink Palace Breaking Free Alex Stirs the Lake Reach for Your Dreams Shaman Birth Raven & the Writing Desk
Land of Mystery: New Mexico
Skull Door, Sunset Adobe Penetente's Church, Taos Pueblo Indian, Red Blanket Church Mexican Visitor Taos Mission Visit Native American Spirit Gate
NM Skull Fence Children at Mable's Peace in the Camp Flowered Gate Taos Pueblo Taos Mission Walls
Magic Sky Store Dancer Indian and Glowing Gate Abandoned Church Rings Red Blanket Siesta
Energy Series
Energy Dance On My Back Reach Capper Acacia's Lost Cat Against the Wall Spirit Source
Black & White Painted
Winged Boy Conversation With Angels Water Pocket Fold White Anasazi Ruins Birth Tummy Boat Bride
Photo Landscapes
Garland Park, Pioneer Trees Grand Canyon Winter Winds Sausal Creek, Light in the Trees Oregon Coast

Summer Show Book

Kira’s San Diego summer show now in a book. Contact Kira for details or pick one up at the show!

Kira Corser’s exciting work is featured in several galleries. Click on any image to enlarge and then mouse over new image to right or left to view next or previous image. The photographic artist’s special techniques, size and purchase information are listed below.

Manipulated Images – Each photo-painting starts with a Polaroid SX70 photo that is manipulated (the emulsion is moved with a tool) – and then scanned into a computer. Then the image is enhanced in Photoshop and printed onto archival watercolor paper. The final print is hand-painted with pastels, inks, and oil pencils. Each print is unique and will differ slightly from the image on this website. All prints are sold with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, dated, and signed by Kira.

Color-Lens Based Prints – These images are either from traditional film-based color photographs that are scanned or from digital photographs. They are then printed onto watercolor paper or onto fine art photographic paper. These are printed from film negatives, slides, digital files, or a combination of these with painting and colorizing.

Hand Painted Black and White Images – These images are from traditional black and while silver based film and silver based fiber photographic paper. Most are selenium toned. These images are becoming more rare, as Kira currently does very little traditional darkroom work and the process is becoming more expensive and it is difficult to get supplies. Kira is currently also printing her black and white imagery onto water color paper and sometimes painting them with pastels, inks and oil pencils.

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To purchase your favorite images in a custom size email us at or contact us at 510.684.4651.